Electronic cigarette: an investment for our health

Electronic cigarette: an investment for our health


Betting on the use of the electronic cigarette instead of the analog cigarette should not be considered only as a way to save, but also an investment in the future for our health. Leaving aside the number of toxic elements that make up tobacco, such as specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) or tar, will allow us to have a healthier life. The e-cigarettes are the best way to reduce nicotine intake and forget about the bad fumes caused by the snuff.

Although it may seem like a clich√©, health comes first, and for this reason, we must try to protect our body as much as possible, and the first step begins with feeling free, getting rid of those chains that tobacco puts on us and that make us consume nicotine one and again. The electronic cigarette will avoid having those feelings of addiction that nicotine causes us; in addition to that, we will not only improve our health but that of the people around us, the so-called “passive smokers.”

On many occasions, when we are smoking tobacco, we annoy the people around us, and worse, we can make our partner or friends uncomfortable and put them at risk. Thanks to the electronic cigarette, your life and that of the people around you will gain in well-being in the short term, but especially in the long term since we can avoid a multitude of diseases such as lung cancer or respiratory problems.

But the benefits are also economic; an electronic cigarette will allow you to save a great amount of money since 2 ml of e-liquid is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. In summary, the electronic cigarette is a health investment for our life and saving for our pockets.

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Structure of an electronic cigarette

Currently, electronic cigarettes have taken part in the market among smokers; for some, it has become a more versatile and entertaining option to smoke, for others as an option to quit smoking or tobacco ( although this has not been proven ). The truth is that, due to its multiple designs, the variety of presentations and flavors of the essences, manageability, and economy, it has earned its place in the world.

Although electronic cigarettes are reliable devices to the naked eye, many times we do not know the type of components they use for their manufacture, or very few, we know about the care and maintenance that must be given to ensure optimal operation, as in the day in which was bought.

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Here we explain in more detail what you should know about its structure.

1-. We switch on and off, or in other words the button. This will be used to both turns on and turn off the E-cig.

2-. We go to the mouthpiece, this part is the one that will be used to be able to vape or inhale. Vapor will come out of this part of the E-cig.

3-. On the other hand, there is the atomizer. Here the liquid or the essence that gives the flavor to the steam that is produced and also the aroma is inserted. Depending on the model, this liquid can be introduced in the form of a cartridge.

4-. Then there is the vaporizer, this is the element in charge of heating the atomizations and converting them into steam.

5-. The power source, a battery that can be removable or rechargeable (the most practical and convenient is the rechargeable one). It will depend on the model of electronic cigarette.

6-. For models with rechargeable batteries, their charger is added.

7-. To indicate the levels of the essence, the intensity of the vapor, battery status, and other types of indicators (depending on the model and manufacturer) the LED light is responsible for notifying the user.

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