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The Bloom PEX cartridge is not built for heavy users. The packaging says the THC level is 85%, but it feels like less. The first hit is milky, lightly searing your back throat like cayenne pepper. The box recommends that you hit the THC pen for three seconds, but that doesn’t seem to yield much difference in results. The instructions even caution to draw slow and easy and only use once per hour.

The Bloom One battery allows for 10 second pulls on full charge and the first few hits. As the cartridge nears empty, the system will limit the amount of time you can pull it. It might be a nuisance to some but seems like a safety measure to keep it from burning. When the oil is completely emptied, the battery will start to flash while inhaling. It’s a disposable cartridge, so that’s the end of its story. Not a bad feature though as many vapes you might keep burning it.


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