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Cookies cartridges are decent. I expected it to be a lot better than average just because there are many out there who have said Cookies flower is amazing quality. However, the High Flyers Cookies cartridges we tried turned out to be an average range THC vape cart and one of the strains we tried was better than the other two. It is priced lower than others and is a good value for someone that does not want a super strength THC cartridge.

Cookies uses standard CELL cartridges particularly the ceramic top TH2. These are known to be extremely reliable and have a very low failure rate. On top of that they give an extra kick to the hit that a lot of the clones are just missing.
Overall you can never go wrong with CCELL hardware, whether its a standard cart, the Dart, or the Uno.  and quite simply its just one of the best companies out right now. Cookies definitely chose the right hardware when they picked the TH2. It’s preferred over the M6T plastic CCELL carts since in case something fails, it is easy to get the oil out. Plus you can refill the TH2 much easier.

Biscotti, Cereal milk, Gushers, Mimosa, Orange bang, Pineapple express, Purple haze, Purple punch, Sour diesel, Berry pie, Lemon Pound Cake, LemonCello, Gelati, Lodon Pound Cake, Dolato, Billy Kimber OG, Runts


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