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Friendly Farms is an award-winning cannabis brand that makes artisan quality products for medical and savvy patients. We stock a great selection of Cart farms vape pen concentrates in sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Buy Kure Vape Cartridges online.

Firstly, Friendly Farms is one of the fastest-growing cannabis concentrate brands offering some of the most exciting cannabis collaborations in all of California. Its yellow and black branding is easy to spot in stores across the state, and its vape cartridges are available in many iconic flavors.

Therefore, we have paired our CBD cartridges with specially designed cart farms batteries calibrated precisely for our cartridge requirements.

They were delivered at every step. Humboldt’s best “Liquid Live” vaporizer cartridges contain only 100% cannabis plant materials. Finally, that means they are completely free of fillers, chemicals, additives, or distillates.

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