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Stiiizy Pods: If in doubt, choose a higher quality oil that costs a little more; it will be worth the price. All in all, you get some great hits from the Stiiizy similar to the PCKT One Plus! The airflow is excellent and surprisingly open without being harsh or overwhelming at all.

The Bonafide Stiiizy capsules do not come with black plastic packaging. The company stopped making pods with black inserts in June 2018. The newer, more legitimate Stiiizys come with a white plastic insert. New and actual Stiiizy products only come with a white plastic insert.

Do Stiiizy Pods Capsules Work?

What are Stiiizy CBD Cartridges compatible with STIIIZY batteries? STIIIZY series come in a variety of bright colors and are shaped like a rounded rectangle. They require STIIIZY capsules, no exceptions. But with the STIIIZY pods, there are no threads, so just pop one into your battery, and you’re good to go. Best Vape Pen Cartridges Online.

It works fine as long as you retain the rubber piece under the mouthpiece tight.

Is Stiiizy Safe?

Product safety and quality are STIIIZY’s top priorities. All of our products are tested by independent state-licensed laboratories to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals such as benzene, pesticides, and metals. We also maintain the highest quality by using only the purest cannabis extracts and botanical terpenes.

What Is The Best Flavor of Stiiizy?

Top 4 STIIIZY CDT Capsules: Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

  • STIIIZY CDT – LA Confidential. LA Confidential is a potent, classic indica strain that has wowed connoisseurs since winning the High Times strain of the year in 2006.
  • Berry Blast CDT.
  • Incredible Hulk CDT.

Do Stiiizy Pods Have CBD?

Facts. Introducing the new STIIIZY CBD pods that offer an equal ratio of CBD and THC! Adding Cannabidiol (CBD) to our line provides additional benefits to the STIIIZY experience.

Stiiizy batteries are made from a durable aluminum alloy, a compound known to produce more power for a longer battery life cycle. They will help you avoid having to buy and change batteries so often.


Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, Sour Tangie, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, Rmium Jack, Hardcore OG, SFV OG, Skywalker OG, OG Kush, Purple Punch, Do-si-dos, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Pineapple Express, Strawnana, Wedding Cake


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