Supercritical THC c02 Cannabis Oil Applicator ZA


The THC CO2 oil vaporizes. It can come in vape cartridges and be consumed through a vape pen, or as a concentrate or a twist, in the form,

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THC CO2: Firstly, Our process of extracting organic cannabis oil without solvents produces a clean light amber. Debris-free and solvent-free oil for all medicinal treatments. We use our own oil in our chapstick, body butter, capsules, and raw syringes. Buy Choices Carts Online.

Using sub-critical followed by a super-critical extraction process we are able to pull more oil from cannabis than our competitors. Our supercritical process avoids the high pressures used in some processes that extract excess waxes adding weight. As a result, Our lower yield technique results in a higher concentration of cannabinoids. Combine that with a fine-tuned machine maintained by our resident blender, and we provide you with the best organic solvent-free cannabis oil on the market.

Is CO2 THC oil safe 

THC CO2 extraction can be used to extract various cannabinoids from the plant, such as CBG, THCV, THCA, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds.

Is extraction with ethanol or CO2 better?

Although ethanol is safer than butane and more efficient than supercritical CO2, standard ethanol extraction is not without problems. “A polar solvent [such as ethanol] mixes easily with water and dissolves water-soluble molecules.



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