What benefits does vaping bring us and why we should vape

What benefits does vaping bring and why we should vape


Are there any advantages to vaping? Of course, it is. There are many people who became successful in quitting regularly smoking tobacco ( 13″ EIGTH ARM TREE PERC BAKER ) Therefore, and based on our recent experience, and what people who have been buying all the liquids and accessories for their vapers for years tell us, we have to stand on the side of those who say that vaping has had a positive impact on them and that they have noticed its benefits. and use their vapers for special occasions later without any kind of addiction or dependence.

Any uncontrolled addiction by any person does not cease to be something that does not favor anybody, and someone will still be defending and criticizing any aspect that does not help to abandon that addiction.

However, everyone agrees that the vaper is an effective method to stop smoking conventional tobacco and that it does damage our health in the long term.

The vaper (or vape) has been positioned as one of the best alternatives to conventional cigarettes, as you already know. Another and less dangerous way to ingest nicotine, or not at all, because there are fluids to vape without nicotine, with amazing flavors. So today we want to speak to you about the advantages of vaping in a fun and didactic way, while also acknowledging and respecting its detractors.


The benefits of vaping without nicotine

It is clear that the main advantage that all of us who use vape liquids without nicotine (0’0 percent nicotine) get is that we have the possibility of experiencing intense flavors and very smooth vaping, but without using a substance that we build a particular addiction, whether we want to consider it or not, like nicotine.

We are the one’s today who determine whether or not we want to inject nicotine into our everyday lives, our leisure moments, etc … Without losing the floral flavor that we want the most.

But you should know that a unique and special experience will be provided to you by the nicotine-free vaping liquids( thc vape cartridge ) that we placed at your fingertips.

There are many fans (and even friends and customers) who are informing us about their experience and who are increasingly appreciating the quality of nicotine-free liquids that manufacturers are developing for us, either because the flavors are quite effective or because nicotine does not deplete the vegetable glycerine, resulting in more powerful smoke clouds.


What is vaping

It’s odd, but “vaping” was the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year in 2014. It comes from the English word “vaping,” which is simply the action of inhaling the vapor created by a vaper, or an electronic cigarette (with its variants, obviously) as it was called in the past.

We’re sure this doesn’t surprise you; however, using the vaper (or vaping) has been and continues to be considered one of the strongest options for people who have chosen to stop smoking, but who don’t want to do so in a dramatic way, but slowly.

Vaping enables smokers to change the amount of nicotine they want their vapor to contain, and even discard it entirely, yet retaining a “false sense of smoking” due to the similarity they obtain when vaping, and, of course, a very high reduction in passive smokers’ harm, not to mention the considerable financial savings.


The differences between an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer

In terms of the goal they pursue: “Stop smoking traditional tobacco,” they are very similar goods.

It is true, however, that there are wide variations between an electronic cigarette and a vaper. And if we go back a couple of years, still more so:


Its ease of use

An electronic cigarette is the best possible easiest option in terms of difficulties that a novice user may encounter when they start to enter the world of vaping. But it is not the option that from Zulo Shishas we recommend.

It is true that it can be much more complicated to use a vaper, since there are vaper models with enormous possibilities, where we can monitor the power watts, configure various vaping modes, and thus customize our vaping sessions, the length, to the full. Of batteries and so on …


Its price

While electronic cigarettes are the cheapest alternative a priori, the producers of vapers have optimized the efficiency of their processes to the full, and today, for more than affordable prices, we find real wonders of vapers.

Of course, you will find even more efficient versions for the most challenging ones, with higher rates. Often at the taste of the customer, and every person’s possibilities.


Its size

The electronic cigarette may be what you’re looking for if you want anything discreet. Even though there are vapers that replicate certain electronic cigarettes exactly.

Of course, our advice is not to lose discretionary efficiency.


Its durability

For us, preferring a vaper over an electronic cigarette is one of the most significant aspects: its longevity.

The materials used to design vapers and their manufacturing process make them a much longer-lasting product than electronic cigarettes do.


The life of your battery

And finally, there’s another power of the newest vapers you’ll find in our store: their batteries’ lifetime.

The battery life will obviously rely on the exact vaper model you choose to purchase, as with cell phones, because you will find them with more or less power, and thus, with more or less length.

The good use you make of your new vaper will also assist you in extending its life.


What are the advantages of the vaporizer?

By now, this should be clear that a vaper offers us several advantages over an electronic cigarette. But the benefits the vaporizer really brings us are related to the ease with which we can quit smoking, in addition to positive aspects in terms of aroma, variety of flavors, the places where we can use our vapes or electric cigarette today, etc.

Vaping is, therefore a way to enjoy the feeling of inhaling smoke without resorting to the chemicals found in traditional tobacco. And best of all, we don’t lose a drop of aroma when trying to steam with 0% nicotine liquids.


The vaper is healthier than regular tobacco.

In our view, the most significant advantage of vaping is that at least vaping is a better and healthier habit than smoking normal cigarettes if you want to keep the feeling of smoking (in this case, inhale or vape).

In fact, you should remember that by using a steamer, we are removing the carbon monoxide and tar that are in tobacco smoke. If you wish, you can also decrease nicotine thanks to the 0% nicotine liquids that we have in our store. A variety that you cannot even imagine!


We will save huge money in the medium and long term.

Does vaping seem like little to you and also spend a lot less than you spent when you smoked traditional tobacco?

The vaporizers available on the market are very effective as long as you don’t buy them from a bazaar that they don’t specialize in at all.

According to some studies and reports, vaporizers are up to 40% more effective than smoking. That’s why we save up to 40% on herbs or tobacco (even if you use them in bulk). In this way, we have amortized the investment in our new vaper in the medium term. From there, everything is of economic benefit.


Out with ashtrays and smelly clothes!

In contrast to the smell and type of smoke that the combustion produces and that lingers in the environment and that permeates our skin, clothes, curtains, or hair, partly because of the tar that is contained in conventional tobacco, the smoke that we vaper with our exhale, dissolves after a few moments and only people who are very close to us can notice it without really bothering them.

The great advantage of the vaporizer is that we no longer smell of tobacco and our house or clothes no longer “stink” of smoke. Also, the smoke from the steamer usually disappears very quickly without spreading. At last, you should know that as long as we do not breathe in, the vaper will not produce smoke while we are not using it.

Oh, and say goodbye to the old ashtrays.


We will control the required dosage of our flavors.

This is another benefit that vaper users get: they can control and mix the aromas and flavors that we like the most, and dose the proportions of each aroma.

In time you will get to know new flavors, you will control the amounts you want from each of them, as well as the number of nice kits to implement in case you want to have more or less nicotine.


The vaper helps us to be discreet

Maybe you don’t care. We don’t either. But it is true that we have finally discreet vapers and that they go unnoticed in your pocket, pocket, or purse.

The smell does not spread, color, or linger in the environment.

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